Upcoming Closures:

  • Various lanes of both eastbound and westbound I-30 in the downtown Dallas Mixmaster will be closed nightly starting Monday, March 27 through Saturday, April 1 from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Various lanes of both northbound and southbound I-35E in the downtown Dallas Mixmaster will be closed nightly starting Monday, March 27 through Saturday, April 1 from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • All lanes of both eastbound and westbound Commerce Street at I-35E will be closed nightly on Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1 from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. This closure will include the southbound I-35E exit to Commerce, the northbound I-35E on-ramp from Commerce and the westbound I-30 on-ramp from Commerce (at Dealey Plaza). Traffic will be detoured along Riverfront Boulevard, Continental Avenue, Young and Houston streets to maneuver around these overnight closures. View Map

Reminder: New Northbound I-35E Main Lanes Now Open

  • New northbound I-35E main lanes are now open just south of downtown. The new traffic alignment requires a new decision point for drivers.
  • To continue north on I-35E toward Denton, drivers must remain in the left lanes at Colorado Boulevard. Drivers must remain in the right lanes if headed for eastbound I-30 (toward Texarkana), downtown Dallas and the Riverfront Boulevard exit.
  • Drivers must remember to take Exit 427A if trying to access Riverfront, Griffin Street, the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and downtown Dallas.

For an overview of changes made over the weekend, View Map or view the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

 Continuing Closures and Traffic Changes

    • There is a new traffic alignment and new direct connector along eastbound I-30 as a result of a traffic shift in March 2017. The traffic shift moved eastbound I-30 traffic to the two left lanes between Beckley Avenue and Riverfront Boulevard. The new eastbound I-30 direct connector to southbound I-35E is labeled as Exit 45B and may be accessed by remaining in the middle lane just after Beckley. This is the same exit to take to access Lamar and Griffin streets in the Canyon. View Map or View Video
    • The new westbound I-30 exit to southbound I-35E is now open. To access, take Exit 46A along westbound I-30 and remain in the two let lanes along the frontage road. For the westbound I-30 Colorado Boulevard exit, remain in the two right lanes along the frontage road after taking Exit 46A. View Map or View Video
    • The Reunion Boulevard on-ramp to eastbound I-30 is closed temporarily.  View Map
    • The Sylvan Avenue on-ramp to eastbound I-30 is now open.
    • To access westbound I-30 (in the Canyon) for downtown Dallas:  drivers will need to travel to Harwood Street to use the frontage road and access the entrance ramp. View Map
    • The new ramp from Elm Street (at Dealey Plaza) to access westbound I-30 is now open. This ramp will also continue to serve as an entrance ramp to southbound I-35E from downtown Dallas. View Map.
    • The Beckley Avenue on-ramp to westbound I-30 is now open.
    • The southbound I-35E Jefferson Boulevard is closed until fall 2016. View Map
    • The southbound I-35E exit to eastbound I-30 (Exit 428A toward Texarkana) has been shifted to the right, switching places with traffic continuing along southbound I35E. The southbound I-35E Riverfront Boulevard exit is now labeled the “eastbound I-30 Riverfront Exit.” View Video
    • The new southbound I-35E exit to westbound I-30 is now open on the right side of the main lanes. The old left exit to westbound I-30 is permanently closed. Traffic is advised to remain in the right lanes along southbound I-35E, following new signage to westbound I-30. View Map or View Video